Chiropractor Review | Penny Nuccio

by bradcooper

After falling off of a ladder at my home in July 2014, I was in excruciating pain. I tried to go about my normal life. I just kept thinking the pain would go away. After a few days of constantly being in pain, not able to work in the yard, do housework, drive, or even play with my grandchildren, I decided to seek help. I came to All American to see if they could alleviate my pain. Much to my surprise, they did! After a few visits, I started to feel much better. I was able to drive and do housework with little pain. Now that I have been coming for a little over a month, I am able to get outside to do yard work and play more with my grandchildren! The doctors here are also alleviating my old knee pain. I am so happy to be able to live with less pain and hope to be totally pain free in the upcoming months! A huge thank you to all the Doctors and staff at All American!

bradcooperChiropractor Review | Penny Nuccio