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Being an extrovert might be good for your health

Being an Extrovert Might be Good for your Health – New research finds an interesting link between an outgoing nature and a healthy immune system. Whoohoo! If you’re social and outgoing, you may also be healthy. If you’re the life of the party, you might be more than a good-time Charlie. Turns out, those people


Louisiana Back to School Tax Free Weekend

Louisiana Back to School Tax Free Weekend August 7, 2015 – All American Healthcare New Orleans As the days draw near, it is the start of the school year……It is that time again – back to school shopping and preparing your child for the school year. With all of the busy back-to-school preparations going on it


Katrina 10th Anniversary Remembrance and Resilience

Katrina 10th Anniversary Remembrance and Resilience Here at All American Healthcare we remember hurricane Katrina 10 years later and we are proud to live and serve in our Louisiana community. All American Healthcare was started twelve years ago by Dr. Chip Curtis D.C., an honor graduate from Life University. He is also a graduate of


#PainFreeNation: Practice Conservative Treatment for Pain

Did you know more than 80 percent of the world’s opioids are consumed in the United States? The good news is that you have the power to curb opioid overuse and abuse.  Here at All American Healthcare New Orleans, we have joined the nationwide movement this October. See how you can get involved: #PainFreeNation –


#PainFreeNation: Chiropractic Care for Athletes

Did you know that a chiropractor is part of the NFL’s game day staff? We can provide back/spinal adjustments for players and treat muscular injuries. Learn more about how chiropractic care can help athletes this October as part of National Chiropractic Health Month. -All American Healthcare New Orleans   Up Your Game: Sports Chiropractic Enhances Care As

4 Best Chocolatiers in New Orleans

4 Best Chocolatiers in New Orleans

Even if you’re not a fan of chocolate, these local favorites will likely have the perfect sweet treat for your tastebuds on National Chocolate Day. -All American Healthcare New Orleans Find the perfect place for a sweet treat on National Chocolate Day. Pick from some of New Orleans favorite chocolatiers to find the just right fix


How to Recognize and Treat Neck Pain

It’s no surprise that a vast majority of people will experience neck pain in their life due to the everyday stress and movement we put on our bodies; however, there are a few indicators that could require more serious medical attention. If this is the case, you should take a look at the benefits of


How Chiropractic Care Can Help Inflammation

Chronic inflammation is more common than most people know. Inflammation occurs naturally in the body; however, we are trained to treat inflammation using methods that only take away the symptoms and don’t address the cause. Research has linked inflammation to a multitude of health problems, including cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, osteoarthritis, cancer and Alzheimer’s. This is why it


Boost Your Brain Through Your Gut

Our gut and intestines are the mediators between our body and our environment. This is why we have trillions of bacteria located in the gut. Separated from our bloodstream by a single call wall, the intestines serve as the bloodstream barrier- allowing nutrients in while keeping bacteria and toxins out. But did you know your